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It's not that Takenouchi doesn't want to get married, it's just that "before he noticed he reached this age (40)." There is also Morita Go who is living with Miyuki Arisu.There are signs that the "marriage rush" will continue.Haru Miyamoto (Yutaka Takenouchi) is a mechanic at a car repair shop.

While questioning the owner, Ochiai was introduced to Shimazaki Kunio, a poor student from Akita prefecture, attending Tokyo University and working part-time there.

Suspecting him of the crime, Ochiai started digging around into Shimazaki's life and was surprised to find out that his own sister, Yumi, was actually dating Shimazaki!

Takenouchi were also caught driving Kurashina home on several occasions.

As a result of this report, Takenouchi was asked by the press about his relationship status when he appeared in Kyoto on 16 October for the opening ceremony of the 1st Kyoto International Film Festival.

Singer Masaharu Fukuyama was exempt from the survey due to winning 5 years in a row, he is now in the contests’ hall of fame! The numbers in the bracket indicate their rank last year.

Previous winners of the contest include Takuya Kimura, Dean Fujioka, and Osamu Mukai. Hailed as the “nations boyfriend”, Ryoma Takeuchi has taken Japan by storm.Ochiai was puzzled as to why no investigations were being carried out and it soon came to light that prior to the first fire at the Chief's home, a threatening letter had been sent to the MPD.In view of the upcoming Olympics, everyone at the MPD were feeling jittery over the letter and the arson, and thus a team was set up to ensure the safety of the public during the event.Takenouchi Yutaka (43) and Kurashina Kana (26) are currently dating, according to the 17th Oct issue of FRIDAY.The couple who is 17 years apart in age, were first sighted by the tabloid in autumn last year when Takenouchi was found to have visited Kurashina's home regularly and even spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with her.Oricon has conducted their annual servery where they ask men to vote on which celebrity has the face they would most want for themselves.500 men were selected for the ranking ranging in age from men in their teens to men in their 50s.Ochiai and his team mates were to carry out the investigation secretly.Information came to Ochiai, that some 25 tubes of dynamite were stolen from a gunpowder factory.Veteran actor Yutaka Takeuchi came in second place. His many success’ throughout the years include Fuji TV’s Men in their teens, 20s and 30s mostly commented that the actor had a very cool looking face that’s very fitting of an adult.

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