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It turned out that some of us actually had a harder time finding a You Tube Poop that we would ultimately consider the You Tube Poop that we'd consider the best of the year.So if you ultimately find the size of the article to be a disappointment for what you're seeing here, I apologize in advance for this, simply because it turned out to be a bigger problem than I originally thought it was going to be.She then had to be rescued after she got stuck in the window trying to retrieve it, according to BBC. The two had dinner and had gone back to his place to drink wine and watch a movie, presumably without a pit stop.

It is about my poop." WOMAN RECOUNTS 1970S DATE DISASTER WITH DONALD TRUMP The Toronto woman — who uses the Twitter moniker @_blotty — claims to have gone out with a man that she met in the grocery store and once the two decided the evening was going well, she went back to his place. so I felt comfortable pooping in his bathroom," she wrote. His toilet did not flush." After a bit of a freak out, Makela decided the best thing to do was to grab the poop out of the toilet, wrap it up in plenty of toilet paper and stuff it in her purse. Makela defended her story on Twitter, noting that she wouldn't make something like that up. If I wanted to do something for attention I wouldn't pick something SO embarrassing," she wrote.The window the woman used opened into a gap that was separated by another window, which is where the poop was stuck.Smith said he left the bathroom to get a hammer to smash the window, but his date wisely decided to try to climb through and got trapped. He loves Princess Daisy and hates Luigi: Everytime when Luigi is dating with Daisy Louie, he takes her and drops a bunch of 5 Splat Bombs. Liam Smith had a Tinder date he'll never forget after a woman threw her poop out of his window because she claimed the toilet wouldn't flush."Problem is, I've been quoted north of 300 [Euros] to replace the window and as a postgraduate student, that is a significant chunk of my monthly budget," Smith told BBC.Smith went on to raise over 1,200 Euros for the window.Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) is the Norse God of Thunder and the Prince of Asgard, son of King Odin.He wields the war hammer Mjolnir, which can smash through anything and come back to him. He was squashed by Fat Labrador for not sharing the swing.Because of his limited budget, Smyth set up a gofundme account to raise the funds.After the story went viral, the university student ended up collecting over 10 times the original campaign amount!

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