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I also print off lecture handouts and skim Wall Street Journal over breakfast (the digital version—it takes days to get the printed version delivered out here).

Young farmers dating

When you’re down in the “day to day trenches,” it’s easy to get lost in the overwhelming list of farm chores and forget to celebrate the mini-successes along the way.

When we got started in January 2015, I was often overwhelmed by the amount of work we needed to put in to turn our leased property into a production farm.

The list of tasks seemed endless, and I was dubious of our ability to get it all done, especially on top of working our off-farm jobs.

He was selling cheap, beaded bracelets for , which was more than they were worth. Dejected he said, “Man I’m broke, I’ll take whatever.” It caught me off guard.

A Day in My Life I get up early—6 a.m.— and go for a quick run.

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