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Usually this is prefixed with "nice" (as in "nice dubs") or other positive adjective.

The long form is also acceptable, as in "nice doubles." Other digit sequences that can be checked involve more convoluted checking.

If you are a woman who has been pregnant, you may now be a chimera as well, as male DNA (from fetal cells) have been repeatedly found in women’s bodies after pregnancy.

If you have received an organ transplant, you are now a chimera, as you have both your own original DNA and the DNA of the donated organ as part of your body.

You can not simply dismiss these less-common genetic combinations as “not counting” because they don’t fit into the commonly held oversimplification of human sexuality.

Even classifying them as abnormal, disorders or mutations does not remove the fact that they exist and are deserving of consideration in an overall view of sexuality and genetics.

Nature also creates Chimeras and Mosaics, which are individuals with multiple sets of DNA in different parts of their bodies.

Examples include the case of a Human Male Female Chimera, strikingly obvious as well as common naturally occurring chimeras and mosaic that you probably never knew, such as calico and tortoiseshell cats (such as this rare male tortoiseshell calico cat) and almost any twin cattle has some mixing of two different sets of DNA, the most apparent version being Freemartins.

There are typically two described sexes, Male and Female. However, you still need to define by what criteria you define something as Male or Female.

If you say “Male is a person with a penis” and “female is someone with a vagina” there are people who have both penises AND vaginas in the same naturally occurring body.

There is also so recent research that there may be other sexes in more complex social insect societies: A major evolutionary transition to more than two sexes?

And here’s a seven-sexed organism: Zoologger: The hairy beast with seven fuzzy sexes.

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