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Wrt54g not updating dyndns

Adding an entry to the host file definitely works, but I don't want to go around to each client and set that up.

Nor do I want to explain to everyone how to edit the file due to the private IP address while on the office network and public address while outside the office network.

I am stumped with this problem, desperately looking for help... The Firebox is connected to our public internet connection, of course, and it's also connected to a wireless router (Linksys WRT54G - we have 5 users max in the office, typically only 1-3 on any given day).

I've also got a server running Apache connected to the office network that needs to be accessible to the public.

I'm assuming that you are running XP clients, if so navigate in Windows Explorer to %windir%\system32\drivers\etc and find the file labeled hosts.

Open it and follow the example given in the file to add this entry. You don't have any root zones "." configured do you?

Note that depending on how many DNS servers you have resolution by host name may not work until a zone transfer is initiated.

Also note that if you have been trying to access the web site by the public host name, the resolver cache on your PC may need to be flushed by issuing ipconfig /flushdns and perhaps even nbtstat -RHope this helps. One thing that concerns me, though, is the fact that when I ping the name, it resolves the address just fine, but I get no response. I added the Forward Lookup but the results did not change. I am using the DHCP server on the Linksys router to assign IP addresses to the wireless clients.Here is the good news: I got it fixed this afternoon!I screwed around with the DNS server enough to figure out what was already setup (actually, what was NOT setup), got DNS forwarding working and then figured out I needed to create a new zone and a new host in the zone.Logically (to me, anyway) I think the webpage should open, but it doesn't... The DHCP server is configured to provide our ISP's DNS addresses.Every client that connects can browse the web without issue, with the exception of this one internal site.if so, is your internal DNS name of your domain the same as your external DNS name?if this is the case you'll need to make an entry in your internal DNS to point to the private IP address of your web server We are not using AD here.what you are experiencing is the side effect of loopback forwarding (google loopback forwarding to learn more). I have the Windows 2003 DNS setup now with DNS forwarding, that part seems to work can solve this two different ways:1) You can use host files on each client on the network pointing the 192.1/24 addresor2) Perform the following:a) Change the DNS entries on your router to point to your internal DNS server.b) On the internal DNS server configure forwarders that point to your ISP DNS serversc) On the internal DNS server keep the www host entry that you created befored) If you have more than 1 internal DNS server initiate a zone transfer just to ensure that all DNS servers are up to date so you can teste) purge your resolver cache on your pc by doing both ipconfig /flushdns and nbtstat -ROption 1 is really easy to configure if you have only a handful of hosts. However, the web server is still resolving to the public IP address, not the private one.I am beginning to feel like this is a configuration issue with the SOHO 6 or possibly the Linksys WRT54G.I have even tried entering the DNS server manually on a client, so it points to the Windows 2003 server running DNS, however that does not help. :( I did a tracert from a client connected to the wireless network to my internal webserver using the public name of the server, not the IP address.

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