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Wpf label binding not updating

It doesn't have to be the first character, it can be before any of the characters in your label content.

The common practice is to use the first character that's not already used as an access key for another control.

The Label control, in its most simple form, will look very much like the Text Block which we used in another article.

In Windows and other operating systems as well, it's common practice that you can access controls in a dialog by holding down the [Alt] key and then pressing a character which corresponds to the control that you wish to access.

The character to press will be highlighted when you hold down the [Alt] key.

The value will be inherited by the key Text Boxes and Text Block.

Modify the constructor for the window, as follows: You can now run the program to see the results.

Text Block controls doesn't support this functionality, but the Label does, so for control labels, the Label control is usually an excellent choice.

Wpf label binding not updating

Let's look at an example of it in action: The screenshot shows our sample dialog as it looks when the Alt key is pressed.

The reason for that is that the Label can host any kind of control directly inside of it, instead of just text.

This content can be a string as well though, as you will see in this first and very basic example: Another thing you might notice is the fact that the Label, by default, has a bit of padding, allowing the text to be rendered a few pixels away from the top, left corner.

The final task for the first example is to set up the Data Context for the controls.

As in the last article, we'll set the Data Context for the Window.

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