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Woman dating men in prison

I went to sit down on the couch as all of her family began to show up. I won't say I am dating him cause how the hell can you date someone in prison? He has been in prison my entire life, and as of right now there are no chances of him getting out. I don't want to just write an article full of facts and statistics. and I just want him to know that I love him so much and miss him like crazy! It's hat despicably now around Christmas but I'm getting through it the best way I can. I'm struggling right now because I miss him and truly do love him but I'm tired of the entire situation.It's going to be a very long hard process but I will be here till the end. I know in my heart that he loves me too he makes me feel like...I'm not biased or judgemental, just interested in hearing personal heartfelt stories with meaning. I went on a dating site and that's were I first had an encounter with him.

I was on Tagged when I received a message from a guy who was incarcerated.

I was reluctant to respond, but decided that if I were in his shoes I'd want someone to write me.

If you are willing, let me try to touch both ends of this situation.

If you have a loved one in prison, don’t be led to believe that EVERY guy in prison will do this, that is incorrect.

Being in love with someone locked up is so lonely sometimes, no one understands it.

Woman dating men in prison

Oct 27 2012 I met the man of my dreams I kno people say prison men are just telling you what they want you to hear because they're locked up but I do truly believe in some men while being in prison they realise they want someone who will love them accept them for who they are and... Me and my other best friend, La'Nier, knew he was in jail, so we turned the music down... I was on break and my bestfriend had shown up so I could see her for a few minutes. I'm a Juggalo so when I saw them repping the Hatchet me and my...

I have received many, many emails over the past 5 years, and have read numerous posts about how guys do time with a loved one waiting for him, and when he gets out, he “changes” and wants to go in a different direction. Well, the natural response is that the inmate is at fault, after all, he had the support of the woman outside of prison when he had nothing else to hold on to, and he seemed to be ungrateful to that person once he was released and got his life back.

This often ends up in a strained relationship, and eventually the guy leaving that woman who was so supportive while he was in prison. Well, I can agree with all of that, but that does not always mean he was the only one at fault.

I am in a relationship with an inmate, I have known him for 26 years and recently started talking to him again. 14 because that day is when my boyfriend Raymond gets out of prison i miss him so much the last time i saw him was before he went to jail i couldn't go see him because i don't have an ID but me and him used to write a letter every week when he was in jail so we was ok till later... I was riding around with my two best friends getting things together for our party that night. It was Christmas of 2007 and i went to my best friend Sabrina's house to stay for awhile. we started chatting, the he told me he was in prison. well not personally but we have been chatting online. I have known my significant other for a long time because he is best friends with my cousin and was very close to my family when he was out. Hi Everyone I am trying to put together an article about women who meet and fall in love with men in prison.

The last time I saw him was 8 years ago,but we both were in relationships, this time we are both single. We got our stuff ready and her dad took us to her Grandmas house to eat dinner. We were friends for awhile and I dated everyone in our circle including his brother. for over a year now and being with someone incarcerated is hard and not everyone can deal with it wishing you ladies/men out there who are dating someone incarcerated the best of luck and keep your head up I know sometimes it gets hard and if you ever need to talk about anything... My mother passed away when I was 17 and his mother kind of took me in and helped me through so many things. I was just looking for a relationship but now there's this man telling me he's in jail. I never really associated myself with him but we have known of each other and see each other a time or two when he was out. I'm not biased or judgemental, just interested in hearing personal heartfelt stories with meaning. he is currently in prison and has been for about a year now.

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