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held at The Cinerama Dome on Tuesday (September 19) in Los Angeles.The 32-year-old actress and Wilson, 43, were joined at the event by their other cast mates Anthony Rapp and his boyfriend Teerakeni, Michelle Yeoh, Rainn Wilson, Mary Wiseman, Shazad Latif, Sam Vartholomeos, Doug Jones, Jason Isaacs, Kenneth Mitchell, Mary Chieffo, James Frain and Sonequa‘s husband Kenric Green.

His approach worked and landed him his breakout role in 1994 on the TV drama My So-Called Life, playing Ricky Vasquez, a gay teenager.

If people are not able to come out to friends and family, come out to yourself, disclose to yourself, and tell the truth first to yourself because that’s the most important thing."Cruz agreed, saying that before he came out publicly he would practice saying "I'm gay" in the mirror to see "if the world was going to stop and the ceiling was going to fall in on me or something." When neither of those disasters happened, he started relying on friends and the people on "I was 19, I was 20, I didn’t know what to do," Cruz said. I knew I never saw myself on TV or anyone like me, and I wanted to be that for someone else, and they helped me do that.

After coming out to his parents at 18, Wilson Cruz's father threw him out of the house, leaving him to live in his car for months.

But a big part of coming out for Cox was talking to her mother about who she really was."I came out to my mom first as gay my sophomore year, and she freaked out.

And then, when I came out to my mother as trans a few years later, it was after I started my medical transition, she took that easier," Cox said.

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