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Why is validating data important

If you are using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS we provide the latest stable releases of stellar-core and stellar-horizon in Debian binary package format.See detailed installation instructions All configuration for stellar-core is done with a TOML file.Otherwise, all components are designed to recover from abrupt termination.

The hardware requirements scale with the amount of activity in the network.While running, interaction with stellar-core is done via an administrative HTTP endpoint.Commands can be submitted using command-line HTTP tools such as .for system administrators (but may be useful to a broader audience).Stellar Core is responsible for communicating directly with and maintaining the Stellar peer-to-peer network.Here is an example public network config for connecting to the public network.The examples in this file don’t specify against a running system.Nodes are considered validating if they take part in SCP and sign messages pledging that the network agreed to a particular transaction set. Only set your node to validate if other nodes care about your validation.If you want to validate, you must generate a public/private key for your node. You should carefully , you will still watch SCP and see all the data in the network but will not send validation messages. Stellar-core stores the state of the ledger in a SQL database.Log levels can also be adjusted on a partition-by-partition basis through the administrative interface.For example the history system can be set to DEBUG-level logging by running: , and you may need to remove the file before it will restart.

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