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The women turned out to be completely different from what I have expected in terms of their personality, goals, values. I never wanted to believe that until I experienced that myself.

I could be doing so many other things instead of waiting for a woman to reply to me.

I wait, wait, wait and most of the time the woman either replies hours later or doesn’t reply at all.

It turned out to be very awkward and I even got into some arguments with those women.

I was even catfished once by an old lady who was pretending to be a thirty-year-old history professor. After all these years I’m still using “You may think you are really connecting with the woman you met online.

Dating in general can be a struggle, but dating in your 20s? You're in that in-between stage of your life where it's kind of OK to not have your sh*t together, including in your love life.

With that said, finding someone you can take seriously past one night is a challenge of its own.

Luckily, we met in a public place and I immediately took off when I found out that I had been catfished.

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However, your time is gone, you lost the whole day. She had hundreds of different men sending her messages. Women don’t have enough time to reply to them all and it is simply overwhelming.

I’m lucky if one woman starts a conversation with me or replies back to my message.

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