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Why am i upset that my ex is dating

So I got back on too and started talking to some guys and realized that I can do better than my ex-bf. So when we talked on the phone I told him I met someone else and had been on a couple of dates.

He immediately got upset and said he had to get off the phone.

Obviously this is how he deals with it and as the above posters have also stated he may also be kinda angry that you got in first and started to date others before he did..... This is why it's often recommended that at the point of the breakup, that both people give back or throw away all gifts, destroy all notes and emails, and most important change their daily habits and future plans firmly, such that the other person isn't in them any more.

He immediately got upset and said he had to get off the phone. To be truthful, you don't owe him any explanations of who and what your doing whatsoever. What it's really about is he is pissed off that you aren't waiting around and pining for him. Once again, NO CONTACT is the way to go with this idiot.That is a good thing as you seem to be trying to move forward with your life. You say you now realize that you can do better---so do it ! But unless you wanna relive that pain over and over again it's best to stop communicating. People often break up with someone yet try to keep them on a proverbial string "just in case." You started dating and that kind of snips his string and he loses, that's his problem not yours. When people are actually emotionally involved and break up, there are always more than one part to the break up, more than one element or "cord" that needs to be cut.Really, try not to get involved in his grief and loss over you. Move on and enjoy your life, let him wallow in self pity and regret, he made his bed so he can sleep on it. After cutting the first one, the "spoken commitments to dating or other official involvement" string, there are still a few others that have to be cut before the comfort zone is reached.And people wonder why I don't keep contact with Ex's....One of our gorgeous readers, who has called herself "Rasberry Rush", is feeling empty and sad that her ex has moved on, even though she knows he was not right for her. My ex and I have been on-and-off for about 3 years now - he couldn't give me what I wanted in terms of a future together and I knew we were going in different directions in life.We were an oddly formed pair who acted like a couple in all but name.Distance was a factor as we live around 3 hours apart - he's unwilling to move and for family reasons I can't.He texted me later and said he was upset that I met someone else and didn't like it. Why is he so upset that I am moving on if he dumped me! Because in HIS nirvana..would be the one free to date and sleep with others and you would be there during the dry spells at 1 am for a drive by spanking. It may be beneficial for you at this time to concentrate on yourself.The thought never occurred to him that you wouldn't be so crippled by his revelation or that you'd actually look for AND find someone else to replace him. I wouldn't be inclined to maintain a "friendship" with this one. You mentioned that you jumped on this site and had a couple of dates.We stayed intimate here and there (for the 3 years) and we would talk/text frequently every day.I think we fooled ourselves into thinking we were doing the 'friends' thing really well, but we weren't friends.

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