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Now, we can blame “racist”, “sexist”, “heteronormative” society for this. We can blame the unrealistic photoshopped advertising images that saturate our screens and, by extension, psyches. If we were really struggling we could do our best to blame Kim Kardashian.

We can bleat about “intersectionality” and “patriarchy”. But just for a moment, let’s not blame anyone for the fact that Lil Kim has such a compromised self-image – and let’s not [equate Kim]( with Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP leader who purported to be black, last year claiming a controversial “transracial” identity.

' Being a regular black girl wasn't good enough." You don't need to dive deep to see how colorism and the way men in her life valued European features may have influenced her.

Colorism is an issue people often ignore until they're forced to acknowledge it, but many dark-skinned women battle it daily.

In the course of their relationship, she was subjected to domestic violence as she endured black eyes, bloody lips, and blood clots.

Lil’ Kim confessed that she was forced to have several nose jobs because he repeatedly punched her in the face.

Shortly after the picture was posted Twitter was full of fans commenting about the rappers new look.

Who was lil kim dating Liberty came sexe

While many people had jokes, others pointed out that there were other factors to consider when talking about Lil Kim's new look like colorism and eurocentric beauty standards.

American rapper Lil’ Kim has become a household name, thanks to her immense talent and controversial personal life.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, as Kimberly Denise Jones, she is a successful singer, record producer, songwriter, model, and actress.

View the full list This week the world saw – via that new, visual means of wildfire gossip-mongering known as “trending on social media” – Lil’ Kim’s new face and hair.

For anyone who doesn’t know Lil Kim, she isn’t a teenage Instagram model – born Kimberley Jones in 1974, she’s one of the most successful female rappers the world has ever seen.

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