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"When she was with her second or third NBA ballplayer, I could see that."That might sound like Odom throwing shade in Kardashian’s direction, but outside of that comment, he had nothing but nice things to say about her. She’s a great woman."You can watch Odom talk briefly about Kardashian in the clip above.He admitted he still has Kardashian’s name tattooed on his body, and he also responded to questions about her pregnancy with Thompson with his well wishes."I’m happy for her," Odom said. “My home [with Odom] was dark and toxic,” she tells the publication.

That’s what it felt like.” “I was laying there, looking up at the ceiling, and the doctors kept coming in and standing over me and saying some stuff,” he continued. Honestly, that’s when I knew that I was probably in bad shape.” Odom and Kardashian wed on Sept. I’d made it out of Jamaica, Queens, and won two NBA titles,” he continued. The proceedings were officially finalized in December, and the stars have since gone their separate ways: Odom is continuing to focus on his recovery after a stint in rehab last year, and Kardashian has been dating Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson since September.

27, 2009 — one month to the day after they met (and nine days after getting engaged). When you’re just riding that roller coaster, man.” One of his “darkest” moments, he admits, was when Kardashian caught him doing drugs with another woman. “And I’m in a motel, with some random person, doing coke. Most recently, Odom opened up to Wendy Williams about his relationship with his ex-wife, admitting that even if given the opportunity, he would never get back together with her.

She's also dating Tristan Thompson, following an eight-month relationship with James Harden (she also has a type, i.e. Odom, meanwhile, has been working on a revenge body of his own - ironically with the help of his Khloe-like assistant, we're guessing. “The most important thing I took away from [rehab] is that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for being,” he said to Dr. He opened up about Khloe - the real one, not his replacement: “I want my wife back.

Other than that, I just want to live a happy, healthy life.” “When you’re doing drugs, you become distant to everything,” Lamar continued.

“With cocaine especially, there’s a high, and then an emotional low,” he said.

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Though the 31-year-old is currently single and ready to mingle, she admits she’s not ready to date someone outside the industry for one sole reason.In 2013, the marriage began to fall apart following the NBA star’s cheating scandal and drug relapse, and by December, Kardashian had filed for divorce. “I was in a motel room, getting high with this chick, and my wife (at the time) walked in,” he said. But I just wanted to get high with this girl, and I had no other place to go. In July 2015, both stars finally signed divorce papers, but because the judgment had not yet been entered in court by the time Odom was hospitalized, they were technically still legally married. You think about all the reasons why you shouldn’t have done it. “They had a TV and I could watch “I never thought about the number,” she notes about losing weight, crediting trainer Gunnar Peterson, Pilates, Soul Cycle, circuit training “and really intense cardio” to shape her slimmer figure.“When I started seeing that I could lose weight—because I just thought my body would never change—I started taking it more seriously and eating better.” Explaining that she’ll “feel like shit” if she goes a week without exercising, Kardashian also says working out with her sisters really helps give her the motivation she needs in the gym.The former NBA star had fans seeing double on the streets of Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was walking around with some friends.Some friends, including a mysterious Khloe-esque blonde. According to Odom has been rebuilding his life after a near-fatal drug overdose in October 2015, and his subsequent falling off the wagon since then.But during a recent appearance on BET’s new show , Odom revealed the moment he finally realized his marriage to Kardashian was over.Apparently, Kardashian dating one NBA player didn’t drive the point home, but he got the picture once she was romantically linked to other NBA players and eventually started dating Tristan Thompson."I understand when it’s over, it’s over," Odom said.There has to be some story the next day that I’m dating somebody.” “I used to wonder why celebrities only dated celebrities, but when you’re in it you understand.You feel a little safer,” continues Kardashian, whose ex-boyfriends include rapper French Montana and basketball player James Harden.

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