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Who is wentworth miller dating now 2016

The actor further added that he felt it hard to confess his sexuality.Miller is rumored to be secretly dating Luke Mcfarlane, so far the actor has not affirmed the rumor but they were spotted in various places which might mean something.

And Hollywood continues to applaud Miller for taking such a powerful, brave stance. The Prison Break star and the blonde cutie caused a stir went they were spotted together back in April 2007, and celebrity gossip photographers have now snapped shots of the duo together again.

Add Matt Bomer to the list of stars who have shown public support for Wentworth Miller. With some celebrities, there's simply no doubt when you gaze upon them. How does Sucre plan on making to Las Vegas in a day?

The White Collar star, who came out as gay in a speech last February, was asked about the Prison Break actor's public reveal this week and told E! Perhaps he drew that elaborate body tattoo himself.

Edit As soon as he completed his high school education, he joined Princeton University and majored in English literature.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from this University in 1994. Edit It is said that he began acting since his childhood days.

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