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Who is vanessa anne huggins dating

Also, Josh Hutcherson was dating Vanessa Hudgens, but they too broke up quickly.

Ashley and Vanessa’s friendship is still quite strong today as the latter was present as a bridesmaid in the former’s wedding.

The relationship which began slowly as friends became stronger with occasional outings and the more time they spent with each other, the more they were captivated by one another’s charm.

Austin Butler current girlfriend in 2017 is Vanessa Hudgens and they have been dating on and off past 6 years. He is well known for acting both in movies and TV series.

He is a famous American actor who was born in Anaheim, CA on the 17th of August, 1991.

They have set many a relationship goals for other couples as well.

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Time and again, this couple’s love was applauded by many and both of them have utilized every chance of praising each other as a partner.Though Austin wasn’t a part of the cast, they met there somehow and an unexpected story begun.It is also said that their mutual friend, Ashley Tisdale acted as a catalyst which stirred this chemistry and sparks flew.While Austin helped Vanessa to get over the difficulties of her previous relationship with Zac Efron, Vanessa also supported Mr. According to Austin, one needs to think about ways to make the partner happy. As mentioned earlier that Austin’s previous life is cast in shadows and nothing more is known about him and the ships he board. However, there is a faint reference about another woman present in this singer cum actor cum model’s life.When this effort is put by both ends then the relation flourishes inevitably. The girl in consideration is Cody Kennedy who is of the same age of Austin. It was just announced that the 29-year-old actress will take on the role of Vanessa in a special production of Broadway hit In The Heights.Vanessa is the love interest of the main character Usnavi.Like other star couples, they were spotted here and there together, when their status wasn’t certain but soon it was confirmed and made public.Austin became very upset after the sudden demise of his mother and at that time Vanessa proved to be a great support to him and this helped to strengthen their relationship all the more.It was heard that Zac wasn’t able to forget his first love and kept on trying to get her back and used to call her repeatedly.But slowly it was revealed that the original cast of HSM won’t be retained and so there is not much to worry about and so, Vaustin is still together.

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