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Was it hard growing up on a very popular TV show, and would you recommend it to your own children?

I’d recommend it to anyone, although things are a little different these days.

Would you be interested in appearring and meeting up with your fellow cast mates again?

You better believe it “Jonah Down Under” sounds like a winner!

Story line could be Zammo comes to visit his old mate Jonah while doing rehab on the Gold Coast.

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE ‘DROWNING OF JONAH JONES’ STORY Interview © 2006 Grange Hill Gold Not to be reproduced without permission.

In 1982 a new group of first years arrived at Grange Hill, unaware that they were set to become some of Grange Hill’s best remembered characters.

Alongside Fay Lucas, Roland Browning and Zammo Maguire was Gordon ‘Jonah’ Jones, the confident ‘boy genius’ ringleader with a skill for playing tricks and getting into trouble.Reality TV may make the whole celebrity thing a little different, it’s almost reverse these days who isn’t famous.Seems the best way to start a career in telly is to go on idol or big brother!As you may know Sylvia and “Young Un’s ” are a pretty large outfit today. My brother and myself even did a Penguin Biscuits advert in Scotland. I was disappointed, I wanted to go through a whole experience from 1st form to leaving Grange Hill but them the breaks I suppose. Just trying to come up with radical story lines I suppose; lets face it if I hadn’t of left I might have started on the crack like Zammo too! Did you get much reaction to your character from the public? I think Grange Hill is more than a programme on kids TV it’s part of our growing up cycle – just like Eastenders and Corra.What roles had you played before joining Grange Hill? Interestingly enough Alison Bettles mum (Fay) was my chaperone and being a little naughty I flooded the bathroom in our first 30 mins in the Hotel (accidentally of course). The whole Grange Hill cycle was positive – occasionally you’d get hassled out by some jealous prick but you get used to it. Think one minute your a 12 year old school boy, the next you’re opening school fetes, signing autographs and having your picture taken with heaps of girls that think you’re cute! Without them what would you have to talk about on the way to school/work.I have 2 kids Taylor who just turned 6 and my son Mason who turns 4 next month.They haven’t seen any Grange Hill and knowing they think video is dead probably will escape having to watch any until they come out on DVD with the 50 years of Grange Hill box set.I know that Grange Hill did like to touch on real issues facing kids at the time but it was also good when it focused on school kids just playing up and getting themselves in ridiculous situations.What are your favourite and least favourite memories from your time playing Jonah?In fact meeting all the Eastenders crew was an unbelievable experience it’s like meeting people you already know.Recently Phil Redmond has announced plans for a Grange Hill movie, looking at what characters are doing now.

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