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Last week News Corporation sold My Space to advertising agency Specific Media and Justin Timberlake for million, having paid 0 million to co-founders Anderson and Chris De Wolfe for the formerly most popular social network in 2005.

The struggling social has been bedevilled in recent years by confusion over its strategy and, according to analysts, failed to innovate at the pace required.

If you were on the internet circa 2005 then you probably remember Myspace Tom.

You know, the guy who automatically became the first friend of everyone joining the social media site, stealthily staking a place in your top eight friends list. Well, while we might have ditched the glory days of Myspace for Facebook, we’re pleased to discover that Tom and his lo-res grinning profile picture live on.

Born on November 8, 1970, in Santa Monica, California.

Anderson received a bachelor's degree in rhetoric and English from the University of California, Berkeley in 1998, and a master's degree in film from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2000.

“My original vision for [My Space] was that everything got better when it was social — so I tried to build all the super popular things used on the web (blogs, music, classifieds, events, photos) on top of My Space’s social layer…

But quickly I saw that it’s really hard to layer in social to features after the fact.The guy who became everyone's first friend on the old-school website posted a rare selfie of himself via Instagram nearly two years ago — and it's just making the rounds now. PHOTOS: Stars go nude on Instagram Anderson may have moved on, but his page is still verified.PHOTOS: '90s nostalgia Anderson, 44, helped develop the music and social networking site back in 2003 with Chris De Wolfe, but left in 2009. (Justin Timberlake invested in the Myspace relaunch back in 2011.) "Former first friend; I'm not working of the company now, y'all," his bio reads.It was a busy time in the world of social networks last week as Google launched its own Facebook rival – Google .Anderson praised the new social product, despite saying it seemed “like a reaction to Twitter/Facebook”. The 1 system that Google now has control of (unlike Facebook Likes) can really influence and change the nature of their search,” he wrote.Having gotten used to being the man behind the camera, Anderson rarely poses for pictures, but two years ago he shared a selfie on his Instagram account, which has been making the rounds on the Internet this week.In the photo, the good-looking millionaire, whose estimated net worth hovers around million, is sporting a herringbone-patterned jacket and a baseball cap over a mop of dark locks.In 2003, Anderson, Chris De Wolfe and a few computer programmers set up the first pages of My Space, which was designed to connect musicians and bands with their fans, enabling them to share their music online.My Space quickly became the rage among teens and 20-somethings and has since become the most popular social networking website on the internet.Since selling his share in the social network to News Corp for a cool £372m and retiring back in 2009, Tom Anderson has dedicated his time to travelling the world and becoming a talented photographer.Keeping himself busy, Anderson has created an Instagram account under the handle @myspacetom where he shares some of his favourite snaps.

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