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Jones received the call to ministry at the age of 19. Jago High School and went on to attain a Bachelor of Science in Theology degree from Aenon Bible College.

And, most of the time, she's relatively happy with life as she juggles the ups and downs of her family, amid the chaos of her eccentric friends, relatives and children's fathers.

Born in Bridgend in south Wales, Ruth grew up in the nearby coastal town of Porthcawl.

With a degree in drama under her belt, the bubbly brunette got a job at BBC Wales working in both TV and radio comedy before branching out into theatre.

Speaking about a possible reunion, Brydon argued that his ex-colleague's new slimline figure would make it "tricky" for her to play bolshy Nessa Jenkins again."It'll be tricky now, as a lot of what worked about Nessa was her weight," he told does come back."People want it - and if they did do it, I wouldn't be the one who stood out and didn't," he insisted.

When James Corden and Ruth Jones were sitting waiting to be weighed at Superslimmers - the fictional slimming class of Kay Mellor's TV series Fat Friends - they had no idea that, some years later, they would be writing their own comedy series and starring in it, too."We became friends during filming, and, when we were doing Series 3, James was talking about this idea he and his girlfriend had about a wedding that takes place between a guy from Essex and a girl from Barry Island", explains Ruth.

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