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Canada already has about 400 troops in Ukraine and Poland, and another 800 military personnel in Iraq and Kuwait, drawn mainly from special forces and the air force.

While stopped at a red light, the cab driver asked another driver, who turned out to be off-duty Bennington police detective Peter Urbanowicz, for directions to the restaurant.

Urbanowicz directed them to the Lucky Dragon, then alerted Bennington police officer Andrew Hunt, who happened to be nearby, that the cab "would probably be a good stop if [Hunt] could find him doing something wrong." Hunt pulled the taxi over, claiming the driver had a GPS unit illegally affixed to the windshield.

"The NATO commitment puts a strain on the number of forces that are available for UN deployments but I think we can do both," Dorn said.

The benchmark for what's sustainable for a Canadian Forces mission is essentially 3,000 military members deployed abroad at any given time, said Dorn, who cites the fact that a pool of 3,000 was needed for any given rotation to Kandahar in recent years, while a record 3,300 Forces members served in UN peacekeeping missions in the early 1990s.

She was in constant fear that she would be kidnapped and practiced getting into trunks and memorizing trips for when she was kidnapped.

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Her siblings are Dweezil, two years younger, followed by Ahmet and Diva."Numbers up to 1,000 are sustainable for many years." Peacekeeping missions, or peace operations as the government now calls them, would likely draw heavily from the regular army.Hainse said the army is broken into three different brigades of about 5,000 soldiers who rotate through a 36-month training cycle.The training cycle during the Afghanistan war was accelerated to 18 months, he said.The end of the combat mission in Afghanistan in 2011, as well as budget cuts imposed in more recent years, resulted in the cycle being slowed.At the sentencing hearing, Corsones spoke of the dangers of drug dealers from "Brooklyn and Bed-Stuy" coming to Vermont.The Vermont Supreme Court unanimously overturned Alexander's sentence in February.Police said they were interested in Alexander because they had received anonymous tips that a black man named "Sizzle," a heavyset African American, came to Bennington via taxis to deal drugs.Though Alexander didn't match the vague physical description officers had of "Sizzle," and was not traveling with the woman said to accompany "Sizzle," officers pulled over the cab, then questioned and searched Alexander. Alexander had no criminal record and was deemed a low risk to reoffend, but Judge Nancy Corsones ordered him to serve 10 years in prison."The description of Sizzle on which the police officers' suspicion of defendant was based was so broad and vague as to sweep in any large black male getting off a bus at the station in downtown Bennington, or arriving in Bennington via taxi, and thus too general and vague to exclude a large number of presumably innocent individuals," Justice Beth Robinson wrote.The lawsuit notes that even after the Supreme Court overturned Alexander's conviction, Bennington Police Chief Paul Doucette told WCAX-TV that the stop was legal, and defended his department.

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