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), she used to be an actress, playing Megan Fox's drugged out sister in a low rent Swedish soap opera called Ocean Ave back in 2003.

After Carmit left, Jess suffered the indignity of being forced to become her doppelganger by dyeing her hair red which speaks to how interchangeable these chicks were treated if they weren't Nicole.

She released an album in 2011 as part of a music duo called Her Majesty & The Wolves, which is actually pretty good if you like Black Eyed Peas reject tracks.

She has ALSO made her fortune in the UK, competing on reality shows and is currently focusing on dance.

You could sometimes hear her doing a harmony here and there on the odd PCD song.

She's been part of music projects that have released EPs, but has yet to release an actual solo album.

The Queen Doll who sang over 95% of the songs, and who mastered the art of harmonizing with multiple backing tracks of herself live, her plan to ditch PCD to go solo in 2007 flopped epically and she had to go crawling back to the group for another couple years.

She has since released a couple albums to moderate success... She's dabbled in acting (Men in Black 3, Moana) and has competed in various reality shows, but is best known as a judge on the UK version of the X Factor - she's responsible for THAT moment where Rachel Crow broke down in tears on stage following elimination which is now a beloved gif.

X Factor judge and pop sensation Nicole Scherzinger has reunited with her former bandmate Carmit Bacher for a special gig. Robin Antin put together the Pussycat Dolls in 2003 and managed them throughout their late 00s global domination.

The two bombshells joined forces to perform the 'Buttons' choreography with an entire crew of professional dancers. The band were the most successful girl group on the planet during their time together - selling 15 million albums and 40 million singles worldwide.

She does a lot of charity work for cleft palates, a condition that she herself was born with and has received more than a dozen childhood surgeries for, so think about about the next time y'all make comments about her face.

Known as Pin-up Doll because of her love and emulation of 50's style models (???

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