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It was the first time I heard about it from him from his mouth.'To think he could hurt someone.It was such a weird thing to go back and understand.'Maile claims her brother's abusive childhood played a huge part in why he did what he did: 'His life had to be worse at the time, than the possibility of going to prison.'It led us to discussing our father, Gaylord who wasn't very nice, he was not a nice man.But I was also so young when our dad passed away so I never experienced what he was like.

After agreeing a price and a plan, Stant flew to Massachusetts, arriving at Kerrigan's Cape Cod training rink on January 4, where he failed to find her.

Realizing where she had gone, he traveled to Detroit by bus.

"'Maile says her brother has 'come to terms with what he did, and 'is not ashamed of it.' She added: 'It is unfortunate that it happened but it made him the person he is today.'He was definitely going down a particular path with nothing slowing him down.

And it put a pause on his entire life and stopped him.'He was able to look at himself and think – is this really the type of person you want to be.

His sister claims he is a changed man and, in footage taken from a documentary he is taking part in called My Hero's Shadow, Stant moans he was 'in an insane place' at the time of the attack. He told me, "I understand why it would be interesting.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail TV, Maile said: 'He's in a great place now and he is nothing like that person.'Of his new weed-dealing business, she adds: 'It's kind of funny because my brother doesn't even smoke marijuana.'And our dad, who passed away when I was little, was a drug dealer and now Shane is a legal drug dealer.'Maile, who lives in Oahu, says her brother has seen I, Tonya, and thought it 'was a great movie' but would have preferred to have been played by the Rock because Ricky Russert 'wasn't that good looking'. I thought it was funny and witty, but kind of dark at the same time."'He said: "It was pretty cool though because I thought I was more attractive than the actor that played me."Maile added: 'Usually it's the opposite – the person playing them is a glamorous version of themselves.

In the chilling clip for an upcoming documentary, he tells how he dodged past security to get close to Kerrigan, then 24, by following camera crews covering the 1994 US Figure Skating Championships.

And in a second, he explains how he plotted the attempted kneecapping with Gillooly and Harding's bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt in the weeks leading up to it, saying: 'Their plan was to basically take out Nancy Kerrigan and then it would guarantee that Tonya is going to the Olympics.'Until now, Stant, 46, has never spoken in detail about the moments leading up to the crime which is the subject of Golden Globes winning movie, I, Tonya, which stars Margot Robbie as Harding.

But Shane was like, "I think I was more handsome than that guy."'Before The Rock became really famous we used to joke, I wonder if they ever did a movie, who would play you?

'And because my brother is so big we would be like, "for sure The Rock is gonna play you!

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