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Earlier in the week Cheyenne joined the band for a bite to eat at popular Mexican restaurant El Topo in Bondi.

'Back with my family @lukkuuus @eltopomexican,' she said next to a cosy photo of the pair.

"We were really close and then stuff with the band got really weird and we weren't seeing eye to eye. " Rumours that escalating drug abuse was the reason for him leaving seem to be confirmed when Pritchard adds, "It was very cliched, put it that way." After hiring and firing another bassist, Pete Denton has now been drafted in full-time, joining original guitarist Hugh Harris and the band's new drummer, Chris Prendergast.

Although it has been suggested that the band's internal struggles were affecting their work, Pritchard shrugs off the idea.

At the time the star explained to the Date With Kate column: ‘My life is nuts at the moment.

I'm still working on my album; I just did a song with Luke Pritchard, [the frontman of] the Kooks,’ the Cronulla local, who also fronts the band Van Hoorn, said of their track.

Junk of the Heart should please fans who fell in love with the group's early work.

Less backward-looking and derivative, it is a modern and infectious slice of pop, a lighter, sunnier affair than the dark and turgid Konk.

He took all the pressure off me." Pritchard had been listening to artists such as Lykke Li and LCD Soundsystem, carefully deconstructing their production in the hope of coming up with a more contemporary sound.

But it was Beck who ended up being one of the driving influences of the record.

Despite "some really good sessions", early recordings were scrapped because they weren't "enough of a step up".

Pritchard decided to pick up the phone to his old buddy Hoffer.

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