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And although this cut is unrated, don't expect to see more graphic violence or Kate Beckinsale out of her leather outfit. And without the war there would have been no action-packed thriller about this war called Underworld. Costumes are also the type seen in the usual Gothic Vamp circles.More than once director Len Wiseman offers the disclaimer that this is an extended cut rather than a director's cut because he felt some scenes needed to be cut for pacing reasons (and admits "a lot of stuff you're not gonna notice"). The Vampires and Werewolves "at each others necks" for so many generations instead of letting bygones be bygones, teaming up and feeding on us mere mortals... Action scenes are pretty good as well (enter the Matrix).

This DVD documents a war that has been raging between the Vampires and Lycans for years all because one of the Vampire leaders didn't want his Vampire daughter marrying a Wolfman several centuries back.

Underworld and Underworld Evolution move the story further in time while the third movie tells the history of how we got here.

It kept building until I had a nervous breakdown when I was a teenager.” Kate began acting when she was attending Oxford University, and landed her first big-screen role in Kenneth Branagh’s 1993 adaptation of Shakespeare’s .

In addition to acting, Kate has done some modeling, with ad campaigns for Coke and Absolut Vodka, and she does charity work for the British Heart Foundation. She has a daughter (Lily Sheen, born in 1999) with ex-boyfriend actor Michael Sheen.

This story focuses on "a human" who we later learn has characteristics of both races and his blood is valuable to both races.

Of course, our lead character (Kate Beckinsale) needs the help of a sleeping vampire lord. Once you finish Underworld, keep on going with Evolution and Rise of the Lycans.

“It stayed with me, the incredible shock and huge loss,” she told .

“I started expecting bad things to happen, that friends will leave, that loved ones will die.

The story is about two races of beings, the upper class Vampires and the worker class Werewolves.

In the old times, the races lived together in harmony, now they are at war.

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