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S., syndicated by Kraddick's company, YEA Networks.Kraddick received the nickname "Kidd" from a radio producer and used the name on-air from 1978 until his death.

They return to school for the first time since the shooting. Chrissy Teigen has been leaving funny comments on famous people's social media posts.

And Logan Paul is back to making money off of You Tube. Today, we heard from someone graduating from Veterinary school, another that is celebrating being cancer-free..

Speaking of things you should try, have you gotten on the Fitish 30 program yet?

We are doing it now an ...…Ryan Seacrest is still hitting the red carpet at the Oscars after being accused of sexual misconduct. We like to open the phone lines and let you pick a topic.

And one teacher that successfully taught some kids with disabilities how to read and write!

Last night was the fantasy suite episode, and it was juicy! …Big Al invited Whiskey- Neat to go with him to the Blake Shelton concert and she didn't turn him down but she did say it was cool if he wanted to take someone else. And someone else that once had a cool man cave until the kids took over it! And Lady Gaga's ex is going to fight to get her back! The results, the strategies, and games, we covered it all.He thought that was fine but Kellie thinks he's been friend-zoned. After this week's episode of "The Bachelor" Kellie asked Allen if he would fly to Peru and drive five hours across the desert to come get her. Featuring celebrity houseguests of my own, Nick and Robert join me on this episode, along with a special guest appearance by Kellie Rasberry!Do you agree with Barbra Streisand's decision to clone her dog? Today, Kidd Nation members wanted to know what our favorite scary movies are, what cute things our kids do, and what our morning routine looks like! What advice would you give to someone that is tired of his live- in girlfriend being a freeloader?Kellie rants on this one, but it's not what you think…An ex-boyfriend flew all the way to Peru to profess his love for his girl... It didn't work but could there be a reality show for him in the future? They were plenty, including one that said his cousin wanted to continue dating even after they found out that they were related.…Demi Lovato had a surprise for the survivors from the Florida school shooting..And we need to keep them all in our thoughts and prayers today. Plus, a diet trick only the really dedicated should use! J-Si says that Kinsey doesn't like sushi but she disagrees. And, how long do you have to wait to meet Black Panther at Disneyland?The Official audio Boom channels of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning radio show, featuring Kidd Kraddick, Kellie Rasberry, Big Al Mack, J-Si and Jenna.Live from 6-10am CT weekdays at Kidd ( has an addiction to "My 600 lbs.

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