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I'd never been friends with her, just acquaintances and stuff. Given the latest storyline teases, with Deimos and Chloe becoming closer, do you think a Chloe/Philip/Deimos triangle could be possible?

Weekly: Despite the heroin mishap, do you think Rex is on the verge of becoming a really nice guy?

I hope I don’t become “Duke nice” or “Bo nice.” I still want my little smart-aleck, cocky edge.

His role as ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Rex Balsom is his first major acting job and his first contract role, though he previously played a model on SEX AND THE CITY and an orderly on ALL MY CHILDREN. A member of the Street Light Productions theater company in Manhattan, Lavoisier still acts on stage whenever his busy soap schedule allows. LADIES OF THE LAKE, the new digital series based on the novel by DAYS’s Executive Producer Ken Corday of the same name, will be available on Amazon Video exclusively on May 15.

In it JP plays Eric Preston, the son of Crystal Chappell’s Claire Preston, and brother to Alicia Minshew’s Sara Preston, and who’s Grandfather Senator Preston is played by Ron Raines!

Why do you think they're having such a tough time burying the hatchet? In an interview you did with's founder, Dan Kroll, when you first joined the show, you were surprised to find out that Philip is technically only about 20 years old.Weekly: Do you think you were starting to lose that edge?Lavoisier: I was getting soft, and I was so pleased that back in January they threw in that Rex was screwing around with his assistant manager at Ultra Violet.sister Melissa Archer, and former on-screen love interest Jessica Morris!As for John-Paul’s personal story, it was no secret that he, as well as many others in the cast, were devastated at the cancellation of by ABC.Although he started out specializing in percussion, Lavoisier followed the beat of his own drum and pursued acting at The School for Film and Television and Michael Howard Studios, both in New York.Laviosier also studied privately with Deborah Mathieu-Byers.She played Mimi Lockhart from 1999 to 2007 on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.On October 10, 2011, Fath returned to OLTL this time as her sister, Stacy, who has plastic surgery to look like her (Gigi).I can’t remember the name of it, but it was really nice. And how can you not fall in love with Chloe when you look at her?

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