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The latter featured ticket-buyers who paid to climb into the actor's mind through a portal, before being spewed out of a sluice gate after 15 minutes to land in a ditch off the New Jersey turnpike.The film, with its blend of dark comedy and existential angst, earnt Malkovich enormous indie-film kudos and a cult following.

After leaving school in 1976, he joined the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, with whom he played in a number of performances.

On-stage, the Christopher, Illinois native won the prestigious Obie Award for his performance in Sam Shepard's play "True West".

His burgeoning film career in the 1980s was cemented by his breakthrough performance in Stephen Frears' Dangerous Liaisons, in which he appeared, arch and overdressed in powdered wig and frills, as the perversely seductive Vicomte de Valmont.

(Annie Lennox was so impressed that she called on him to appear as the wigged Vicomte in her video for "Walking On Broken Glass".)Malkovich's ability to embody an Iago-esque evil intelligence has seen him cast as clever criminals and psychopaths ever since.

Assuming the identities of difficult men with dark secrets can be exhausting, he says.

"But it's what I'm asked to do, and what people like me to be."Yet the technical, and moral, complexities of playing "baddies" should not be underestimated.It was irritating, but when he was trying to look happy or funny, it was quite moving."His face, with its feline refinement, occasional dimples and his sharp, Neanderthal-like brow, is similarly mobile: appealing one moment, odd and irregular the next.The day before we meet, Malkovich had appeared at the opening ceremony of the Marrakech Film Festival, walking across the stage with a heavy-hipped gravitas.He is currently touring in a stage production of The Infernal Comedy, playing Jack Unterweger, the Austrian serial killer who was convicted of murder in the Seventies but released to kill again, after becoming a cause célèbre among intellectuals who saw him as a fine example of rehabilitation. I don't feel sorry for Jack Unterweger, I feel sorry for the girls he killed, but that doesn't prevent me from living it.It's the job of the public, the courts and the parole system to make judgements."Earlier in the week, Keanu Reeves – also at the festival – had suggested that the job of the film villain was generally easier to play, less nuanced.Ironically, the bad-guy roles are not the parts in which he would cast himself, he says.He is more at home making out-of-genre work like Strap Hanging, the short film he made in 1999 with the fashion designer, Bella Freud.Obama's presidency, and the shift in the way he is now perceived in America, is a case in point, he insists. It was more evident when he lived on the Continent, and worse in Britain, he says.Isn't this a bleak view to hold of power and democracy? "I go around the world, working with all kinds of people who I love. I prefer to conduct my life based on how I treat people."Malkovich is flushed, excited, clearly in his stride. The whistle-blowing website Wiki Leaks, he says, is the extension of a Facebook culture that reflects our prurient appetites for status updates and a constant drip of minutiae about everything from what we are eating to international intelligence."What are the surprises – the Arabs are not happy with Ahmadinejad, Putin is authoritative, Berlusconi has too much down-time for bunga-bunga? "But no one cares who you are in Cambridge."Despite his outer cool, Malkovich appears to be a man of fulminating emotions which come and go in a flash.That mistaken belief, snaps Malkovich, is what leads "so many guys [to] play them so badly."John Malkovich has worked consistently since the mid-1970s, having directed and starred in over 70 movies and produced a clutch of others, including the indie successes, Juno and Ghost World.Demand for Malkovich from Hollywood studios continues unabated – a Disney film about race horsing, Secretariat, was released last month and Steven Spielberg's action franchise, Transformers 3, is scheduled for cinemas this summer.

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