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They were the only ones that had characters that felt believable and we not addled too much by the poor script and plot. It was a watchable, as in I got to the end of it without slitting my wrists, but it’s best you save your money if you love yourself.

The wife then does some exaggerated talk to the hand type of gesture.

The whole scene is so dreadful, fake and terribly acted.

The begining alone should have contained some scene to draw viewers in and make us want to keep watching, instead we are stuck with a club scene with.

I got bored very quickly and my patience was wearing thin but I persevered.

Van Vicker – Pape Nana Ama Mc Brown – Missy Livingston Kwane Lotsu – Andre Omar de 1st – Rashid Fred Magma Johnson – Kobi Gloria Osei-Sarfo – Abigail Ziggy Nartteyson – Gambo Patrick Sarfor – Jake Maame Gyamfua Asibey – Brenda Janet Osei-Sarfo – Bernice Nii Offei Dodo – Stick Gloria Nyarko – Abena Sunita Tetteh – Christabel Edmond Quarshie – Hotel Manager Bright Alogbaya – Sunshine Childhood friends Pape, Koby and Rashid, now married have made an outing every Friday Night, a tradition in their lives, even though their wives try to talk them out if it. Koby has a grudge that he must settle with Pape so he honours a deal with a notorios pimp Jake the Shadow to get one of his whores Missy in trouble to get back at Pape.

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Missy on the other hand wasnt to buy back her freedom, like her friend Debra in order to pursue a singing career, but Jake has a plan in motion.his wife is suspicious and while he is pretending to talk on the phone calls it.Of course it rings and he is , a man that is supposedly trying to show that he is sorry.When he rebuffs her in anger she beats up Angel causing her death.She then starts seeing Joe and finds out deep into their courtship that Angel is his sister. She then is thrown into jail and Alicia and Mickey released.I wish I could say that it was a great effort but I can’t. If you look at it the concept isn’t bad but the execution was horrible, a complete waste of a story.I started with an open mind but only 11 minutes in and I was ready to be finished.There is another scene that was The prostitute Missy has run away from her pimp and is in the gym. Brenda keeps looking over at Missy and smiling in a suggestive way.It looks to me like Brenda is a lesbian trying to prey on Missy.He also goes to threaten Soso because he believes she is leading Alicia astray.We then see Alicia and Mickey who are brother and sister get thrown into jail for Angel’s death. On the other hand Soso leaves university but not before her younger cousin Havilla is inducted into the sisterhood by force.

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