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Who is jeanette from icarly dating

Over the weekend, Mc Curdy called Drummond a bad kisser in an interview on a Nerdist podcast. The shots of Mc Curdy in her bra and underwear made the actress a trending topic on Google and Twitter, but Drummond denied having any part in the controversy.

The two started flirting through social media and late last week they met in person for the first time.

Now it appears the two are dating and spending the bulk of their time making funny faces on Instagram.

But the relationship did start as a public event on social media ...

so, fair for Jennette to go public with all the gory breakup details too?

Mc Curdy currently plays the same Sam character on another Nickelodeon show.

Drummond averaged 7.9 points, 7.6 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in his rookie year with Detroit. I don't know if these guys are trying to hide that they really are a couple in order not to confuse the people who watch i Carly or just to keep them guessing because on the show Nathan (Freddie) is supposed to really like Miranda(Carly) but in real life his body language and places where he's always at is actually with Jennette (Sam) all of the time :) They always look really comfortable around each other., 1992) is an American actress, producer, screenwriter and singer-songwriter.Miranda and I both are great friends with him and love him as a friend. And were not gonna let dating get in the way of i Carly because thats the best thing in the world.All of those stories that say I'm dating Nathan, ignore them. But if you have any questions about things that you think may be fake, then ask me or Miranda. xoxoxoxox Jennette Mc Curdy Everyone knows that Jennette and Nathan are extremely close and a lot of pictures show that they love each other.In a series of tweets, Mc Curdy suggested her ex-boyfriend, NBA basketball player Andre Drummond, was responsible. According to Zap2It, Mc Curdy and Drummond dated briefly last year after meeting through social media. the shapes weren't right," she said of their first smooch after a laser tag date."To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. The 20-year-old Detroit Pistons center reportedly caught Mc Curdy's attention when he frequently praised her with "Woman Crush Wednesday" (#wcw) tweets. They broke up shortly afterwards, and Mc Curdy ultimately called the relationship a "mistake." TMZ reports Drummond said he was fine with her comments, but insisted they had "a lot of false info." Still, that prompted speculation that Mc Curdy's pictures may have been meant for him -- and that the scorned ex-boyfriend leaked them for revenge.Some of the stuff in those magazines are for publicity. It is clearly different when Miranda is with them but when it's just them they relax more.And have you all caught Nathan always glancing at Jennette's face when he's near her?At some point, Drummond, the Pistons’ 20-year old big man developed a crush on the now-21-year old Mc Curdy.Since it is 2013, Drummond took his cause to Twitter and eventually Mc Curdy noticed Drummond through the noise of her 3.6 million followers.

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