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Taj is the total package built around strength and street smarts and will be a fierce competitor in this game. After gather the necessary supplies, the tribes was asked to vote for the weakest person based on first impressions only.

Taj came close winning the Touchy Subjects Reward Challenge, but Stephen won instead. Taj voted against the bigger threat Debbie, but Sierra was deemed to cause too much drama and was voted out instead. Instead of eliminating her, the tribe gave her a free helicopter ride to the camp.After a long hike in the hot sun, Jalapao arrived at the camp before nightfall. Taj asked how to pronounce the tribe's name, which Carolina Eastwood explained how to. At the first challenge, Taj assisted Sandy on the steps.She is best known for her strategic prowess, orchestrating a cross-tribe alliance, and being well liked for her bubbly personality.Ultimately, Stephen Fishbach who was one of her closest allies was scared that she would bring her other close ally JT Thomas to the end if she wins the Final Immunity Challenge, so he convinced JT to blindside her at the final 4.Taj was teamed with Coach, Stephen, and Sierra during the Reward Challenge. At the Immunity Challenge, Taj chose to play rather than eat. Sierra was the obvious target for her affiliation with Brendan. However, The Jalapao three felt this was their only opportunity to eliminate Tyson, as he had won the two previous Immunity Challenge's. When they returned, Coach Wade told them that Sierra was trying to get the original Timbira back together, but in truth it was actually Debbie who tried to reorganize the Timbira tribe. Sitting next to her was the 38-year-old George, the former Heisman Trophy-winning running back out of Ohio State University who went on to a successful professional career with the Tennessee Titans franchise.Tamara Antrice "Taj" Johnson-George is a contestant from Survivor: Tocantins.Despite everything, the tribe unanimously voted out Spencer Duhm, who had done worse at the challenge than Taj. Timbira chose to exile Joe, who picked Erinn to join him on exile in hopes of getting her to flip. Jalapao lost the Immunity Challenge, meaning they would go into the merge without numbers. In the end, the alliance held true and Sydney was sent home.Taj decided to make a fake Idol using the real one as a guide. Taj stated it was bittersweet sending Sydney home, but glad she was in the game.

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