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Who is derek blasberg dating

Do you think Karlie will ditch Josh for Derek Blasberg?

While her career has been going amazing, it looks like there has been some relationship turmoil.

Is Karlie Kloss perchance thinking about moving onto Derek Blasberg?

Most recently, Hollywood Reporter ran an article with the headline, "KARLIE KLOSS AND DEREK BLASBERG GET COZY IN KATE SPADE'S HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN" The article reports that "The holiday season is (almost) in full swing, and Kate Spade New York is kicking it off with its new festive campaign starring runway superstar Karlie Kloss, who appeared in the preppy brand's fall 2015 ad, and Vanity Fair's Derek Blasberg." Looks like her boyfriend needs to keep a close eye on this one.

Karlie Kloss returned to New York after a short vacation in the Midwest during which she celebrated her mom's birthday and recouped from fashion month.

I'd like to think I'm still curious now, but cause less trouble.

Karlie Kloss has not been seen or referenced her boyfriend Joshua Kushner in a long time.

How often we see people talk something and in the end, the reality is something else?

By saying this, today we would like to address the fact that American writer Derek Blasberg has always been gushing about his girlfriends and people often wonder if he truly has had girlfriends in his life or is he just doing such so that his gay identity remains hidden?

Fashion writer extraordinaire, international fashion party staple and bonafide jetsetter Derek Blasberg is one of the most enviable non-household names working in the industry. Louis native is an Affton High School graduate and currently works as editor-at-large for Harper's Bazaar, as well as VMagazine and VMan.

Some complain loudly on social media that Blasberg gets paid to party, schmooze and be schmoozed (which doesn't sound like such a bad gig to us but his work has not been without controversy).

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