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It had a small population of around a hundred people and all of them were Brahmins.

Even my mother was extra friendly with a female called rani, who had again a marble body and breasts of a wanton adulteress.

I had no idea where all this was leading to when one evening my mother surprised me. Her hairs were going all over her face and her body was sweating and her eyes were red.

Then, sometimes she used to invite me on the mat too.

I had a good time hugging those beautiful motherly breasts but I was too young for an erection. Sometimes, in the morning particularly, I found my tool hard and wondered about it, and I was confused and since there was no one to remove my doubts, I was very much puzzled by it.

I was born in a priest family of Brahmins and my earliest recollections of my childhood are often of the temple or of religious gatherings.

This dates back to the early 1870s when the English sahibs set up their office in the small village called brahmpuri.

I remember that the English sahibs had constructed a public bath in the center of the village where they could feast on so many sexy nude bodies, long before I was born.

As I grew up, it was quite common in the village to hear of affaires between sahib’s wives and the local men which were really few in number.

It was located on the banks of river vaksha and had sprawling greenery around it.

The place was also important tactically besides offering the English type of weather.

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