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"Their own surprises, their own disappointments, and they're all part and parcel of life.

There is no way one person can sit down and go, 'But why did this happen to me?

They've always been very kind to me and, even as a gangly guy, I felt I was rocking their suits," he recalls.

Pinto, 24, and Patel, 18, were spotted recently sharing Oreo cheesecake at a bakery in Los Angeles and have become close as they travelled the world promoting their film. Pinto, a former model, split with fiancé Rohan Antao last month.

The film, directed by Danny Boyle, has become a global hit and tells the story of a boy from a Mumbai slum who beats the odds to win the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Patel, from north London, has previously denied a relationship with Pinto.

As beautiful as it is, there are parts of it that just become a bit tiring to deal with. ' But I guess he was right in a way; we are soul mates." Freida Pinto And Dev Patel Get Cozy In Israel Despite their six year age gap, Freida says that her parents are relieved that she is with a "nice Indian boy instead of off in Hollywood with Colin Farrell.""The first time, my mom was like, ' Well, he’s six years younger than you are.' I said, ' I know.

The paparazzi, for example, and not having privacy. I don’t know how it happened.' But she met him and it all worked out," she added.

The Slumdog Millionaire star was photographed outside the Fogo de Chao restaurant in Beverly Hills last week (12Oct15), when she was snapped cosying up to the athlete while giving him a loving kiss on the lips.

Other photos show the rumoured couple getting dessert at a nearby ice cream shoppe, then running an errand to a local pharmacy to pick up toiletries.

Xavier's College, Mumbai with her major being English Literature.

She also had Economics and Psychology as her minor.

' Or, 'It was all going well, what the hell happened?

' Or, 'No, this just can't be...' The denial of it (the break-up)..."Running away from it is not going to help you find your answers.

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