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Confession: Ben Adams tells Lucy Pinder he found his last three girlfriends on Facebook and that he dislikes expensive dates He said: 'I've met my last three girlfriends on Facebook just because we have been chatting for no reason.'Ben told Lucy - who did not look overly impressed - that when he takes a girl on a date he deliberately chooses the cheap options on the menu as he knows he will foot the bill. I will always say I will have the fish and chips because it's £11, rather than splash out.' He then told a story about a date in which the girl chose the most expensive items on the menu including a £56 steak, a £60 bottle of wine and two £12 mojitos. Lucy Pinder listens to Ben talk about how he prefers a 'cheap' date He said: 'We didn't even have much in common.

I don't mind spending money on people if I don't feel I'm getting the p*** taken out of me.' Terry Christian secretly nominated Ben alongside Ulrika Jonsson and Lucy Pinder in his role as Head Of House - leading to Ulrika and Lucy being up for the public vote.

Singer Ben Adams has spoken about the frustration he felt when he appeared on ‘where are they now lists? The musician found fame in 1999 as the lead singer of the group, topping the UK charts with hit singles Take On Me and Same Old Brand New You, but he began working as a songwriter and producer after the band split.

He told the Press Association: “I’ve always been performing, we do a lot of a1 concerts still and I’ve got a new album coming out soon so there will be a lot more after January, but it’s certainly a return to stage life.“I think, for me, this first six months of this year has been fantastic and gone really well with the studio stuff, but I get bands in and I do songs for them and they go out and have fun with it.“I actually had a bit of a wobble halfway through this year because I was sitting there and was close to tears all the time because this is not what I want to do with my life right now, I can do this when I’m 50.“I still feel like I want to get out there and I want to be in front of the cameras, not sitting behind.“No-one cares who wrote the songs for stuff. and it was an amazing success and people came round and were talking to the actors and they were saying, ‘It’s so brilliant, I loved that song’, and then got to me on the line and said, ‘What are you doing here?

’“Things turn up (online), what are they doing now?

@eugeniusuk was so worth the cancelled trains to London!!

So glad I managed to get down to see it's final day of shows!! 👏👏👏 @benadamsuk @_Scott Paige @stupidalfred1 gonna be listening to the soundtrack all the way home!

Bizarre: Tina and Coolio bath Terry Christian because he is the 'king' for the day Meanwhile Michelle might not be the only English woman to raise an eyebrow at Coolio's comments.

On tonight's show he spoke about the difference between American and English girls and said when English girls get drunk and they will 'go with someone' they don't know.I'm not going to do it again' - to which Michelle replied: 'I'd appreciate it if you didn't do it again'.The former Liberty X singer then explained to some of the housemates why she had [email protected] @benadamsuk MMrfqho H I’ve [email protected] needs to be the next big #Hollywood musical!She said: 'Coolio said a few things yesterday that made me realise that I may need to go to the diary room and have a bit of a cry about it.'It wasn't that you made me cry', she added.She said she did not want his comments to affect 'anything on the outside', referring to not wanting her boyfriend speculating about it.He said: 'You've got a partner, I've got a partner and I don't want them thinking 'what's going on there'.At the end of the show Ulrika is filmed whispering to Ben and Michelle in the luxury bedroom and appears to boast that she was able to 'negotiate' her contract for the show.🎭🎶 Wishing the company of #EUGENIUS a fantastic last day as their run at @The Other Palace finishes tonight!I have a strong feeling it will be back again, and I’ll be front row when it does :) “If you don’t shoot for the stars, shoot higher” GO EUGENIUS!

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