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Who is ariane from love and hip hop dating

However, Ariane says it’s in the past and she has no issue with Mimi dating Melissa.She continues to throw dirt on Melissa’s name, and says that Mimi should not put her faith in Melissa.

Ariane and Mimi discuss her last meeting with Melissa.

The truth is revealed when Mimi brings up Melissa’s admission that she had a prior relationship with Ariane.

Andrew feels that people focused on the headline more than what she said.

She sets the record straight on only dating white men and having mixed babies.

However, Sina also discusses Treasure's comments about Joc hooking up with Tommie, a revelation which angers Karlie initially, but one that she quickly gets over.

Mimi Faust links up with Melissa to inquire about her involvement with Joseline’s music video, which infuriates her and leads her to lash out at Melissa and warn her not to deal with Stevie J's woman.

Yung Joc is trying his hand at standup comedy and Scrappy, Tommie and Lovely Mimi are all in attendance in a show of support.

On a night that is supposed to be about Joc, trouble arises when Karlie Redd pops up to confront the rapper about his new relationship with Tommie.

Melissa thinks Ariane is jealous of her and Mimi being together.

She already asked Ariane if she would be offend by dating Mimi, but Ariane insists that she isn't jealous.

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