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What is an updating function

The following example uses the get Item By Id(id) function to return the second item from the list, and then deletes the item.

So, for example, the second item in a list might not have If you want to retrieve, for example, the new item count that results from a delete operation, include a call to the update() method to refresh the list.

In addition, you must load either the list object itself or the item Count property on the list object before executing the query.

The function sends a WM_PAINT message directly to the window procedure of the specified window, bypassing the application queue.

By default, UDF's (User Defined Functions) in Excel VBA are not volatile. Explanation: the non-volatile function is not recalculated when any other cell on the sheet changes.

They are only recalculated when any of the function's arguments change.

A volatile function will be recalculated whenever calculation occurs in any cells on the worksheet. Non-volatile functions are only recalculated when any of the function's arguments change. Once this is done you will need to job schedule the order again.Job updating can be used to make changes, made on the production route, on a started production order effective.This will mark the 3rd job (with the old workcenter).Now hit Functions/Job update and the current job will be updated with the ‘new’ workcenter.The following example sets the title of the third item in the Announcements list.To delete a list item, call the delete Object() function on the object.Reschedule the Job (or the Production order) choosing an appropriate scheduling direction/method.Creating, updating, or deleting list items through the client object model works similarly to performing these tasks through the server object model.If you want to retrieve both a start and end count of the list items, you must execute two queries and return the item count twice, as shown in the following modification of the previous example.All INSTEAD OF triggers are fired for each row and you cannot narrow down the event by column.

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