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and I worked on getting a training schedule into operation.

Using beat up Army DUKW's to do beach landings we'd come out soaking wet, wondering how we'd ever control the things during a real landing under fire.

We drove a few old LVT(A)1 tanks in and out of surf, none had a working radio.

North of San Diego, the place was so large and poorly laid out with hundreds of barracks willy-nilly on crooked roads and tent camps off in the boondocks that we sometimes got lost just trying to find its front gate. Feeble attempts at a 6 AM roll call produced maybe 30 people. If I slept in its front corner and heard my named called, I'd just open a hole in the tent and yell out for Christmas.

Coming in after dark from weekend Liberty, you could wander until sunrise trying to find your barracks. We navigated inflated rubber boats in pouring rain at night through a muddy swamp, we crawled under machine gun fire, set booby traps, learned jujitsu and knife and club combat ... : A bunch of us were trucked to Boat Basin in early December. Three of us on Xmas Eve sat feasting on Nut Cake and Limburger Cheese washed down with beer.

Every so often he'd ask where a key was, I'd show him and he'd continue typing.

He'd take about an hour and I'd think he'd typed several pages, but he'd only managed a single small paragraph.

Finally we'd climb up over its top rail and onto its deck at last, exhausted.

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It's main gun (the 75mm howitzer) was test fired once in quiet offshore California waters in late February, 1944.

I realized then we were entering a new uncharted land...

guided only by theory and peacetime maneuvers...and, on our first frontal attack on a fortified enemy atoll, we were ignorant of its capacity for resistance and of our own limitations...

Rhat fine fun duty lasted three months then I joined the 2nd Armored Amphibian Battalion, a great bunch of a small group of us to Oahu to experiment on how to blow a path through coral reefs for tanks using car inner-tubes filled with dynamite and other explosives.

We always saved the day's last charge for a school of stunned fish that we then traded to the natives for drinks.

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