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If that wasn’t enough there will also be a total lunar eclipse, which is often described a blood moon because of the way the moon turns a gorgeous coppery red.

Tom Kerss, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory, said: “There’s a huge amount of interest in super moons at the moment – a lot of interest in a full moon, but it could be a phase.“There is just a renewed interest in moon watching and we did have some really unusually large super moons at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.“Because we’ve got a second full moon this month, we actually have what we call a blue moon – more of a modern colloquialism, the definition sort of got changed in the 20th Century.“A blue moon now is generally accepted as being the second full moon in a month, and because both of January’s moons are supermoons, technically speaking, it’s quite an exciting month for moon watchers.”Those in the Middle East, Asia, eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand will have a chance to see the super blue blood moon eclipse during moonrise and the evening hours of Wednesday.

The whole eclipse will be visible in Australia, eastern Asia and parts of Canada, while the west coast of the US is also set for some spectacular views.

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles will also host a live stream of the eclipse today with the help of telescopes stationed in the US and Australia.

You can watch it here between 6.30am EST (11.30am GMT) and 11am EST (4pm GMT).

Whether the entire Cal Trans site is changing over to this new design, or if it remains for just selected highway districts, I'm unsure of at the moment.

Since none of the previous links worked (for Mac users, at least), I've removed them and have just put in links to the "traffic maps" and, where applicable, links to the "mobile version" that California is now using.

Website Kicker Daily News says: “During a Blood Moon event, in other words, a Lunar Eclipse (the Earth is between the sun and the moon)…

try to imagine if you are the Earth, and you are being pulled by strong forces (Sun and Moon) from opposite directions.

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