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(Sources include: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website, ( the appraisal report for TCEQ written by State Archives staff; The Texas Water Commission (TWC) protected surface and groundwater quality for the state while ensuring that utility and water district customers received adequate services.State law requires a water rights document (known as a permit, term permit, temporary permit, and certificate of adjudication) for uses of surface water.The Texas Department of Water Resources was created (Senate Bill 1139, 65th Legislature, Regular Session) by combining the three existing water agencies — Texas Water Rights Commission, Texas Water Quality Board, and Texas Water Development Board — in an effort to consolidate the state's water programs.

The Texas Board of Water Engineers became the administrative agency to manage the water rights system and was given authority to issue permits for the statutory appropriation of the state's waters.

The Irrigation Act of 1917 (House Bill 237, 35th Legislature, Regular Session) clarified the permitting process and added provisions for adjudication of water rights.

Between 18, multiple special laws were passed granting individuals, cities, and corporations the authority to construct dams and other works for the purpose of water development through irrigation enterprises.

In these special acts, the Texas legislature granted private companies the power to construct dams and divert water from a river.

In 1967, the Texas Water Quality Act created the Texas Water Quality Board (Senate Bill 204, 60th Legislature, Regular Session) to establish guidelines for wastewater discharge, hold public hearings for permit applications, conduct research relating to water quality, and coordinate efforts with other state agencies to provide for effective water quality control.

In 1977, a number of changes were made to the state's water agencies.

These maps, drawings, and plans were submitted in association with water rights application files.

A water rights document does not guarantee that the water will always be available, and was granted by the TWC (or its predecessors) if water was available in the area requested at the time.

Also, the Texas Department of Health initially had some regulatory power over water issues and also performed early air quality studies for the state.

Legislation passed in 1945 authorized the department to enforce drinking water standards for public water supply systems (Senate Bill 81, 49th Legislature, Regular Session) as part of an overall public health legislative initiative.

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