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But it may come as something of a shock to learn that even the largest of these does not exceed 34 millimeters in length, or about one and three-eighth inches. Well, that’s the claim of University of Texas paleoentomologist Dr, Christopher Durden, who studies such matters for a living and presumably gets hardship pay for it.Durden concedes that Texas cockroaches often look larger than scientific rec­ords show, but there can be no doubt that Texas does not have the largest roaches in the world, or even in the nation.

Pan, Zoom and Tilt to your heart's delight as you look around the beautiful Gunnison Valley.

This camera displays live-motion video with various presets for viewing.

Much of the rea­son for this is emotional rather than sci­entific in nature.

“Cockroaches are the insect people are most repulsed by,” ob­serves Texas A&M entomologist Dr. “When you try to put a dollar value on the damage it causes, you’ve got to consider that.” His point is well taken, for who is there who has not experienced the pulse-pounding hor­ror of the Kitchen Light Phenomenon—that stultifying instant when the light goes on and the roaches that reside in one’s kitchen are revealed in their full infestation?

To be sure, the cockroach does eat and/or spoil tens of millions of dollars worth of food in Texas each year, but it does not, like its cousin the termite, devour whole rooftops.

Nevertheless, exterminators say that the cockroach is our state’s most com­plained about insect, and their biggest money-making pest.Although this record has not been contested, scientists say there must be many places in Hous­ton, Dallas, San Antonio, and El Paso which exceed that cockroach count.Being both the hottest state in the nation and one of the most urban, Texas is an ideal breeding ground, the incubation center for the entire Southwest and points beyond. For a second time, a judge has declared a mistrial in the case against Devon Huerta-Person, the man accused of punching Constable Robert White and causing the constable's death.t should come as no surprise to learn that Texas has bil­lions and billions, even trillions of cockroaches; after all, at least half of them are in your kitchen.In Finland and in many European countries, the cockroach was once revered as a protector of life and allowed- to live freely in the homes of even the most promi­nent people. Despite the occasional claims of roachophiles, the insect is not better than it looks.Other cultures, including our own, have used cockroaches for medicinal purposes—-often as a diuretic or a digestive aid—and even for food. It does not merely look hideous, it really is dirty, disgusting, and hazardous to human health, ca­pable of communicating nearly a hun­dred different diseases and unswerving­ly dedicated to living in, eating, produc­ing, and spreading the substance for which the Spanish named it.The roach’s greatest evil power is this ability to inspire the most intense shock, fear, and embarrassment by virtue of its appearance alone.As a result, the majority of regular-minded Texans still want simply to kill cockroaches, not revere them, and each year they spend an estimated 0 mil­lion to accomplish that end.What’s more, despite a natural inclination to retreat, the cockroach can quite easily bite—and has even been known to at­tack—unsuspecting human beings.Oddly enough, the cockroach does not cause the kind of easily measurable direct damage to plants and property that other insect pests do.

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