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We tv pregnant and dating

Single mothers, whatever your circumstances, keep your heads up.This list is for single moms st mitchell 8, if you can't wrap your head around that concept you should stick to the general pregnancy boards. Being pregnant is the awesome beginning to starting a family.

Having to prepare to have, and raise a child, ALONE.Being financially and emotionally reliant on yourself alone, no one else. Buying and reading Single Parenting books because your so scared to death of how your going to take care of this precious little being thats on the way.Not having anyone to talk to about what your experiencing.. I get enough of your type of griping comments or nasty looks from people when they ask about my husband, and the answer is that I dont have one.If you feel good and happy, all those emotions are transmitted to your baby. obviously stmitchell8, you have no idea what its like to be in our situations, because you have had the support of the father.I would never consider a physical relationship right now, as i said earlier, because it is home to my baby now.Some ppl are just soo close minded like now that you are pregnant and single you can't date... I think that's insane to date while pregnant and you are telling me that you can't take a break from being around a guy for 9 months? Take a break for goodness sake and enjoy being by yourself.This just sounds like some of you all are afraid to be alone so you need a man to make you feel complete.Being pregnant doesn't mean your "broke" Nothing wrong with having a date every once in a while.I met some of the best guys while I was pregnant with my son and we are still friends to this day! I guess there is a reason why you are single parents.I wish you all luck on your pregnancy because you all are strong women!stmichell8-I've debated for a bit if responding to you was even the right choice but it needs to be done.

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