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Before Laura crossed the Mc Allen-Hidalgo International Bridge into Mexico, she turned to the Border Patrol agent supervising her return to Mexico.“When I am found dead,” she told him, “it will be on your conscience.”, Laura S.

Coronilla’s wife begged a federal judge to spare her husband.

The lawsuit, and others like it, has implications for the treatment of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have found refuge in the United States, and for whom deportation can be tantamount to death.

Some, like Laura, are survivors of domestic violence seeking safety in the U. Others, like Elizabeth, are Dreamers, undocumented youths who were granted relief from deportation under President Obama, only to have their status imperilled by his successor.

The office is compiling an online database to track “illegal alien perpetrators of crime.” (Data show that immigrants actually commit crimes at lower rates than U. citizens.) There is, however, no White House initiative to track a more sprawling set of legal violations involving immigrants—violations for which the U. S., only to be sent back to their home countries—with the help of border agents, immigration judges, politicians, and U. In February, 2016, in a speech criticizing the lack of legal representation for Central American children seeking refuge, Harry Reid, at that time the Senate Minority Leader, warned Congress, “Deportation means death for some of these people.” That summer, Senator Edward J. government body monitors the fate of deportees, and immigrant-aid groups typically lack the resources to document what happens to those who have been sent back. Two months later, Nelson died in a prison fire, along with more than three hundred and fifty other inmates.

Markey, of Massachusetts, told the press, “We should not be sending families back to situations where they can be killed.” He added, “That’s just un-American.”These conversations have been largely theoretical, devoid of names and faces. Fear of retribution keeps most grieving families from speaking publicly. Ana Lopez, the mother of a twenty-year-old gay asylum seeker named Nelson Avila-Lopez, wrote a letter to the U. government during Christmas week in 2011, two months after Immigration and Customs Enforcement accidentally deported him to Honduras. unauthorized and been ordered removed, but an immigration judge then granted him an emergency stay of his deportation so that he could reopen his case for asylum. His lawyer told me that Nelson had been detained by the Honduran government without charges, in an anti-gang initiative.

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