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In fact, our matchmaking process is built around this concept: our thoughtful matchmaking algorithm looks at your personality characteristics and your relationship preferences in order to introduce you to 3-7 promising potential partners daily.At the same time, we also understand that life sometimes has a way of surprising us – we sometimes click with people we wouldn’t have expected.

When it comes to choosing a Vancouver dating site it is incredibly important to know what you want.

At Elite Singles we recognize that the best relationships are between like-minded people.

Professional Matchmaking has been around for a very long time but not very many people knew about it or used it, till recently.

With the realization of the dangers of online dating and professional people wishing to keep their identities and personal information private, people are looking for a better alternative, hence exploring Matchmaking.

A dating service will sell you one page in that phone book, it doesn’t mean it’s the right page but they will sell you the number of dates you are willing to pay for.

Their theory is it’s a numbers game “if you throw enough against the wall maybe one will stick.” If that was the case the volume available with online dating would work for everyone and as we know, it clearly does not.And, happily for Vancouver singles, the coffee options here are amazing!Try Le Marché St George – if the 100 year old building doesn’t win your date over, the ‘Friendship Cup’ (coffee designed to be shared) just might.If you’re after something a little stronger, then the Steamworks Brew Pub is a winning choice.Their beer is outstanding (the Jasmine IPA is the stuff dreams are made from), their food is delicious and they’re right by the water – meaning that you’re perfectly placed for a romantic post-dinner stroll. Anyone that sells you a number of dates is a dating service!Keep in mind these are dates and likely not suitable matches.They do ask you to fill out a profile but they do not spend the time to get to know each client and verify who they say they are.Why not, because it takes too much time and money, you cannot work with volumes of people personally. Dating services will take on just about anyone because they need the volume, in order to complete their numbers!Professional Matchmakers are a rare and special breed and their job is not easy, if it was, anyone could do it and there would be no single people! The Best Matchmakers work with their clients on a one to one basis!How can they possibly suggest a suitable possible match otherwise?

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