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Validating ntfs

Persona depends on two CIFS shares to function: the central profile store and the redirected folder share.If the permissions on these CIFS shares fail to meet minimum requirements, then Persona Management will not function correctly.A third flaw is that the validity of a filename is not required to be nondeterministic: a hypothetical file system might, for instance, not allow a deleted file to be replaced, or (in theory) could even randomly decide if a filename is valid.

All three major Windows file systems have path length restructions, so the validity of the file name is also function of the path.

But the length of the physical path might not even be available to if the path is a virtual alias, mapped network drive, or symbolic link rather than a physical path on the volume.

Thus, without knowing the directory, we cannot know if "$Log File" is a valid name.

But even "C:\data\$Log File" might be invalid if, say, "c:\data\" is a symbolic link to another NTFS volume root.

The utility must be run under a user account that has full control on the target (local profile, roaming profile, or share).

In cases where local system is the only user with full control, a scheduled task can run the utility as local system.

Therefore, this tool has been created to analyze the settings and permissions on the specified CIFS share or profile, identify any incorrect settings or permissions, and suggest steps to correct any issues found.

The Horizon View Persona Management Share Validation Tool analyzes local profiles, roaming profiles, central profile stores, or redirected folder shares.

But the file name must actually be shorter than that, since the complete path (such as C:\Program Files\filename.txt) is included in this character count.

This is why you might occasionally encounter an error when copying a file with a very long file name to a location that has a longer path than its current location.

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