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Validating email stories

Use Fresh Address’s Safe To Send to neutralize these threats with a bulletproof method of separating the good addresses from those that are not safe to email.

As Kevin mentioned, a lot of tools (including Builder!

) will identify missing/unclosed tags, which is probably the most valuable aspect of using a web validator on email HTML.

I use it when testing picks something up and I can't pick it out of my code. I do it, basically because email coding is so nitty gritty, there's so much markup and it's so crucial that you don't miss a closingtag or something like that.

Especially helpful when missing tag or have an extra tag somewhere. I do however ignore the ALT attributes on anything other than logo, or if i have a special link with tracking parameters in or anything of that sort that the validator goes nuts about.

There were lots of "errors" that, in my opinion, weren't really errors and don't appear to cause any problems - for example: In my experience these are non-issues -- excluding unnecessary quotes and forward slashes is common and helps reduce the overall size of the email.

Many of the unexpected attributes are important fallbacks to support graceful degradation on older email clients.Whether you need ongoing services or periodic list cleaning, there’s an implementation option that’s right for your budget and application requirements. This is something I don't normally do and, after seeing someone else in the community recommend it, I experimented by sending one of my emails through the w3C validator.So, my questions are: I don't use W3C validation as it's mostly a waste of time with non-errors like you mentioned.I use Litmus Builder and it has a built-in validator that highlights missing closing tags, which is pretty much all you really need for email.Since the beginnig of my work experience with i OS (2010) I need to validate email format and I always used the solution proposed by Matt Gallagher in the 2009: solution is simple:use with a regular expression based on a comlete verification of RFC 2822.Matt Gallagher created the Objective-C version of a previous solution that you can find here.Given standard email validation testing, a bogus email address like [email protected], will pass validity testing 99.99% of the time. It instantly weeds-out invalid email addresses using sophisticated algorithms and dozens of rules and tests. Does it recognize the email box for which we are testing? All in all there are over 35 different tests that are performed on the telnet server in the attempt to validate an email address. instantly verifies whether or not an email address is bogus or real, based on the latest Internet technology available.It acts like x-ray vision for email addresses, seeing beyond basic syntax to identify shortcomings in the address that are not apparent to the naked eye. Simultaneously, email address legitimacy is tested: Does the email address contain vulgar words? Check out this service and other advanced contact validation Web services at: /products/email-validation Try DOTS Email Validation ► Get a trial key When you sign up for any Service Objects Free XML Trial key, you receive access to the full version of the product, plus, sample code and 24-7-365 Customer Support. I would agree that the "errors" you listed above are non-issues.Ages ago I wrote up a guide to validating HTML email, and summarized the warnings I thought were okay to ignore: Sorry for the missing images—it's a bit of an older post but should still be accurate.

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