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Validating date server side in php

Since they are typing so fast, they probably won't read the directions you so kindly put at the top of the form, and will put in who knows what kind of garbage just to send the thing off and get to the next page.

Since this data is usually important to us web developers, we'd like to have it be as accurate as possible before it's added it to our database.

Beyond confirming that the email address is valid and deliverable, this also provides a positive acknowledgement that the user has access to the mailbox and is likely to be authorized to use it.

This does not mean that other users cannot access this mailbox, for example when the user makes use of a service that generates a throw away email address.

Input validation should happen as early as possible in the data flow, preferably as soon as the data is received from the external party.

Data from all potentially untrusted sources should be subject to input validation, including not only Internet-facing web clients but also backend feeds over extranets, from suppliers, partners, vendors or regulators[1], each of which may be compromised on their own and start sending malformed data.

Ensure that any input validation performed on the client is also performed on the server.

It is very difficult to validate rich content submitted by a user.Free-form text, especially with Unicode characters, is perceived as difficult to validate due to a relatively large space of characters that need to be whitelisted.It's also free-form text input that highlights the importance of proper context-aware output encoding and quite clearly demonstrates that input validation is not the primary safeguards against Cross-Site Scripting — if your users want to type apostrophe (') or less-than sign ( References: Input validation of free-form Unicode text in Python Developing regular expressions can be complicated, and is well beyond the scope of this cheat sheet.private static final Pattern zip Pattern = Pattern.compile("^\d(-\d)?$"); public void do Post( Http Servlet Request request, Http Servlet Response response) Be aware that any Java Script input validation performed on the client can be bypassed by an attacker that disables Java Script or uses a Web Proxy.Syntactic validation should enforce correct syntax of structured fields (e.g.SSN, date, currency symbol) while semantic validation should enforce correctness of their values in the specific business context (e.g.Specifically, it is completely valid to have an mailbox address which: At the time of writing, RFC 5321 is the current standard defining SMTP and what constitutes a valid mailbox address.Please note, email addresses should be considered to be public data.For more information, please see the cheatsheet on Sanitizing HTML Markup with a Library Designed for the Job.Detailed information on XSS prevention here: OWASP XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet Many websites allow users to upload files, such as a profile picture or more. Many web applications do not treat email addresses correctly due to common misconceptions about what constitutes a valid address.

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