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Valentine day gift idea for dating couple

To share these General Valentine's Day Activity Ideas with your buddies or dear ones, just click here and pass this page on to them within seconds. Implement these Valentine's Day ideas and watch love grow before your eyes!A small gift for everyone You can make the day really special for all those who work for you but get little else other than wages.Share a treat with your colleagues If you are an office goer, it would be a perfect idea to show your love to colleagues on this day. If cooking is not one of your strengths, you can buy a Valentine cake and unwrap it during lunch hour to share with your co-workers.

These can be played with ease and will definitely help to make Valentine's Day Party more joyful.Variation: This game can also be played using hearts that had been cut into two piece puzzles. Love Story How to play: Give each player a piece of paper and a pencil. Valentine Charades How to play: Before the party write some appropriate phrases, book titles, song titles and famous love stories (movies). Divide the players into teams and have them play facing each other. Open hands represents book Cranking motion represents movie Waving hand before and open mouth represents Song Tugging on your ear represents "sounds like" Holding up one finger means 1st word etc. Throwing the Smile In this game, players are forbidden to smile, but trust us--giggling and laughing will abound.Explain to them that they are working as a team to write a Love Story section by section. Each player will draw a slip of paper from the heart box and in turn act out their song, book, title etc. Things Needed: A place where everyone can sit in a circle How to play: Players sit in a circle, making sure they can see everyone else.Charity begins on Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is the time for love. Think deeply and you cannot deny that 2nd February is actually a good time for some charitable activities.Take time off to visit a local hospital, a charitable center, nursing home or old age home and spend some time with ailed or old people who have none to care for them.Be it your newspaper boy, your plumber, your doctor, your housemaid, the postman or the pizza delivery man - you can present each of them with a small token gift like a white rose or a little chocolate box.The smile you get in return will make the gesture worthwhile.Suggested writing instructions: Girl Character's name --pass Other options for plot turns: What did the neighbors say ? Then, the first player shouts, loud and clear, "Ha!" The second player responds with a vigorous, "Ha, ha! " Continue until all players have shouted out their "Ha's" or (more likely) have dissolved into uncontrollable laughter, with heads bouncing on the bellies of giggling friends, uncles, cousins or grandmothers.Take along a bouquet of yellow roses along and gift a flower to each of those you visit.It will produce a good feeling and this would surely be mutual.

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