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Utah county dating ideas

Most rides are around , but can fit up to four adults.If you split that into two couples, it's only per couple. Many different packages are available, including a Christmas Lights Tour during the holiday season. During the holiday season, a Grimm Ghost Christmas Tour is a perfect date night idea.For the couples that don't want to go outside in the cold, bowling is a great option!

One of the most romantic scenes from the movie Serendipity is where they are ice skating in Times Square, and meet again there years later as the snow is gently falling around them.

Utah has some beautiful and magical ice rinks, both indoor and out.

Most of us have seen the horse drawn carriage rides in downtown Salt Lake City.

What many of us don't know, is how affordable they are.

Read our guide to Snowshoeing and cross country skiing, which includes where you can rent snowshoes and skiis.

Sundance offers guided snowshoe or cross country skiing events on full moon nights.

Head downtown, or to your favorite part of Utah, and walk around to see what you can discover.

During the holiday season, a tour of the holiday windows is a fun idea. You can also take a tour from the Utah Heritage Foundation.

Marriage workshops are a great way to recharge your marriage and be reminded of ways to make your great marriage even better. Spending date night in Park City during the winter time is truly magical.

Walk up and down old Main Street, and take in the beauty Park City has to offer.

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