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After returning home from work, she would head up to her studio, turn on her music and get to work.Today, cardboard remains one of her favorite surfaces for painting.

Around the same time, she began drawing and painting gridded compositions of her mother on pieces of 8.5” x 11” paper, sections of reused cardboard or store-bought canvases.

Brown begins every piece by drawing a cross hatched grid with a ballpoint pen.

In , Esther Cohen wrote, “To know Susan Brown is to experience her pictures.

They are, in so many different ways, a portrait of her life: a life as complicated, contradictory, mysterious, and magical as the life an artist lives.” Influenced by her impressions of growing up on Long Island’s South Shore, her paintings and drawings can be seen as snapshots of her memories.

She then fills in each box with an outline of her mother, usually from the chest up, sometimes in frontal view, and at other times in profile.

She collects all the paints she needs and unscrews the caps, using them as palette boards.Each painting invokes a specific outfit that Brown’s mother has worn.Brown channels many of the classic symptoms of autism: repetition, obsessive fixations, an exceptional and photographic memory, interest in specialized information and attention to detail, into her unique art.Sometimes Brown’s mother is depicted holding one of her small children, rummaging through her purse or smoking a cigarette.While the faces have little detail, the clothing is crucial in the composition and the patterns on the garments are painted with precision.Quickly dipping her brush in and out of the different caps, Brown fills in the figures, creating her own bold and unique colors.When dried, her last step is to outline the composition with a black permanent marker.Common subjects that appear in her work are cars, bees’ nests, New York City taxi cabs, milkshakes, and boats, all derived from her childhood.In 2002, Brown was one of the first artists to join the Pure Vision Arts studio.Months after completion of a painting, Brown has been known to notice a missed line at an exhibition and make the adjustment on the displayed artwork.In her signature paintings, the subject appears multiple times in each composition, sometimes talking on the phone or eating, creating a grid pattern.

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