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Before you spend any time on the site you need to read through the full Flirt Hookup review below.You want to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate site that isn’t out to scam you out of your time and money.The company statistics seen here display two important pieces of information about the business.

When I got the billing email back, they had charged me $59.95- a sum which was hidden away from me and carefully worded in the Terms and Conditions to catch me out.

Because I live in the UK, the exchange rate isn't too bad and so I thought I'd give it a go, since it was evident that I wasn't going to get my money back.

I emailed this "sxyluv30" back on my emails and told her my problems finding her and she sent me another link which redirected to something called XSocial- which I didn't subscribe to (I'd learned my lesson and worked the scam out) but which I saw had my details too- all sites have my picture and XSocial won't let me delete it or remove information.

I suppose you can't get me some of that money back but it would be great if you could try.

They just need to get you far enough in to take your credit card number and personal information.

Yes, the Flirt Hookup scam isn’t a pretty one from the beginning.

I first found this out when I received an email from Flirt Local regarding my payment.

Long story short- I had paid for all three websites (Flirt Hookup, Flirt Local and XMeeting) for a total of 9.85 (I'm sure I've done the maths right).

To help you make the right decision we have put together a thorough review for you.

We love online dating and think every guy should spend at least some of the time meeting women online.

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