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Updating your house

An inspiring home environment is vital, especially if you work from home! We all get a little bored of our interiors from time to time and the summer is the perfect season to give your home a little refresh.An inspiring home environment is vital, especially if you work from home!To get the best bang for your buck, put your money into these upgrades before putting your house on the market.

But instead of running to the hardware store to buy a set of boring numbers, consider making your own!

You can make house numbers from wood, nails, or you can paint the numbers on your flower pots! Here are 15 DIY house numbers ideas that will give your home a little creative “oomph!

These circular ones look great and offer a minimalist vibe.

Keep your clutter at bay, whilst remaining truly stylish. Subway tiles adds a classic utilitarian feel to any area. It’s a great little DIY project, so clear a couple of days to get your hands dirty.

You need to be able to enjoy the space you live in, and keep it fresh.

A few simple adjustments and accessories can go a long way.

My client told me that she had thoroughly searched on-line, in vain, to find articles, posts, ANYTHING that would give her some direction to help her transition to a fresher, brighter look and away from the very dated interior she currently had.

She purchased the house for a really good price, it suited her soon-to-be extended family as it also had a guest house, a lovely, resort like pool, all these things made the house perfect, except for the decor.

All decorative paint finishes by Segreto Finishes To check out Leslie’s site, go here.

Selling your home isn't easy, especially if you live in a very competitive or saturated market. Fortunately, some home improvements hold universal appeal for potential buyers.

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